ANLAN IPL Light Epilator

ANLAN IPL Light Epilator

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2 Heads & Gel Set: The light hair remover has a flash area of 1.2 inches (3 cm)² (3 cm)² of power to 12 J and shed hair off your entire body. With a head with a flash area of 0.4 inch (1 cm) square feet that can be used to easily remove hair from small areas such as face and vio. It also comes with a Japanese gel to protect your skin before and after shedding. No need to use gel before removing hair

IPL Light Epilator with 990,000 Rounds: The light used by the IPL light hair remover can be spread across a wide range of areas with the melanin pigment at the root of hair so it can be removed for a short period of time (up to 75% of hair after just 4 weeks). Flashes with beautiful skin wavelengths, long life span of about 99,000 rounds and can be used with multiple people such as family, couples, and friends

2 types of illumination modes & 5 levels: Automatic continuous flash mode → Automatically detects the distance of travel and removes hair. Quickly and efficiently clean a large area (thumb, arms, back, etc.) Basic flash mode → Suitable for areas where small parts of skin are hard to reach (face, bikini line, underarms, etc.) The flash Epilator has 5 adjustable levels so you can take care of high-power beauty salon like self-care

A popular household hair remover that can be used as a hair remover for people who can't go through salons or clinics because you want to remove hair but don't have time to shed hair. This is a popular household hair remover device that can be used to remove hair salons or clinics for those who want to remove hair without worrying about anybody's eyes when you like at home. The span is short, and the hair removal is complete with the minimum number of 8 times. Note: There may be individual differences, but depending on the hair cycle you need to remove hair in a long period of time, so please do not burn your hair

Set Contents & PSE Certified: Epilator body, Japanese gel, AC adapter, protective glasses, razors, storage pouch, small head, instruction manual (English language not guaranteed).