Facial Plate Machine Beauty Device

Facial Plate Machine Beauty Device

Price: 6,990円


Item description

Ion Introduction, Heating, Hot Face Board, Lift Up, Small Face, Warm Feeling, Massager, USB Rechargeable, Japanese Instruction Manual Included.

(Cassa Massage) The "Kassa" is called "chim" in Chinese and "Guasha" in China. Traditional therapy based on mediatric theory and has a long history as acupuncture. Beauty Rule is not only a beautiful effect but also a beauty method to improve your skin from the inside of your body. By releasing toxins that cause trouble, blood flows better, accelerates metabolism, and lets nutrients run deep into the skin. The lift-up effect is noticeable that it reduces eye fatigue, bear under the eyes, skin dullness, and makes your face look smaller

Ion Introduction / Fine Current Beauty: The introduction of ion is a device that uses weak current to the skin, and you can penetrate deep into the skin by simply applying cotton or by hand. This chassis plate is equipped with ion introduction function. The ionic introduction function allows you to penetrate deeper by using cream or serum containing beauty ingredients

Vibration Machine, Hot and Hot: Unlike ordinary chassis plates, this product is equipped with vibrations and heat function. Vibration and heating can promote lymphatic discharge and improve blood circulation, improve the bear and stimulate the facial vessels, remove the yellow on the face, but also improve the blood color of the skin, with skin lotion, emulsion and extract to supplement moisture, make your skin younger, and can also be used to lift your face, beautiful skin, skin and remove eyes, edema, wrinkles. Can also be used as a full-body massager

(Precautions for Use) Our casserplate is equipped with a motion sensor, and after turning it on, touch the indicator light on the back to activate. In addition, when using it, beep sounds every minute and takes care of the time of use

Mode 1:

Touch Vibration

Ion introduction

Blue Light

Mode 2:

Touch Vibration

104°F (45°C) ± 12°F (5°C).

Ion introduction

Red light

It can be used not only for the body, but also forYou can choose the corresponding mode and provide all-round care for your skin.

This product has a vibration machine function and fine current, which relaxes the skin and provides nutrients to the deep, so we recommend using it with care supplies such as essence, cream, emulsion, pack, etc.You can use this pack with or after use.

Suitable for head massage.Create a V-shaped face.Fits on the roots and reduces the mess line.It conforms to the skin of your body and relaxes your muscles.Improves the bears and wrinkles around the eyes.Reduces forehead crease

The weak current flows through the human body for beauty and health.

Health aspects have been said to be effective from general recovery to stiff shoulders, lower back pain, muscle soreness and sleeping.

The aesthetic aspects of this product are said to have the effects of sagging, wrinkling and lifting.