Waist Shaper Fitness Belt

Waist Shaper Fitness Belt

Price: 4,990円 - 5,990円

Prices vary according to options.


Item description

Material: サイズ表に従って適切な製品を購入してください
1. Hard type with 9 ABS support stays that fit your waist. Provides great support for your lower back and pain relief.
2. Breathable material prevents stuffiness The main body is 11.0 inches (28 cm) wide on the back and front, which wraps around the waist and abdomen. Relieves back pain and menstrual pain
3. The double strap secures your waist further and provides peace of mind when bending forward or lifting motion.
4. Fixation: The waist belt is 8.7 inches (22 cm) wide, so it can be wrapped around your waist, and the 9 posts are soft and will not hurt your body and hold your lumbar vertebrae.
5. Improve Posture: It correctly covers your lower back and has a diet effect.

Product description

Made of mesh material, it is breathable and will not get stuffy even when worn everyday.

Good elasticity, not too tight or too tight, provides great body support

Compression around the waist to tighten the tummy and reduce appetite.

The tightness can be freely adjusted, making it easy to put on and take off.

It can be used for a variety of purposes, including back protection, support, prevention, back pain, power work, and sports injuries.