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🎀IPL Epilator & Permanent Hair Removal & Hair Removal For Beautiful Skin: IPL Optical Epilator is a safe skin-beautifying technology that is used in salons and cosmetic surgery with less pain and irritation.
🎀The IPL optical epilator works on the melanin pigment contained in the roots of unwanted hair to care for unwanted hair. With a low noise design, the operating noise is only 45 dB, which is much lower than other epilators on the market.
🎀The results of the scientific trial showed that 96% of women had a significant effect after 4 treatments. After 8 weeks, the skin becomes slippery and up to 92% of unwanted hair becomes less noticeable.
🎀One-body painless cold hair removal & increased safety: Not only for armpits, arms, legs, hands, bikini lines, but also for small parts such as fingertips. You can remove hair from your face to your feet in 15 minutes at home. Salon-grade safety, suitable for epilator laser permanent hair removal men's and women's. You can use it with confidence. Note: Do not use around eyes or on forehead.
🎀Number of irradiations 990,000 times & use by the whole family] Personally, the laser epilator can be used for 15 to 20 years for whole body care. In addition, the LCD LCD screen is mounted on the epilator, so you can see how many times you have left. An economical IPL optical epilator that can be shared with your family. It has a large irradiation area with a large Idemitsu port, and is equipped with a manual mode and an automatic irradiation mode for irradiation, so that you can quickly remove hair from the entire body with less pain in a wide range or a small range.
🎀5-step irradiation & 2 modes] The laser epilator can enjoy optimal care by adjusting the flash irradiation level in 5 steps according to the skin type and hair type. Equipped with two irradiation modes! The continuous irradiation mode is applied to large areas such as the thighs and arms, and the click irradiation mode is applied to the sides and phases such as the delicatessen. It has a wide range of hair removal and can be used on the face, and can be used on the limbs, sides, V line, around the corners of the mouth, legs, arms, armpits, bikini line, and face (the part below the cheekbones) almost all over the body.
🎀Effective in 8 weeks & 1 year warranty] 90% of people will feel the effect of making their skin smooth after 8 weeks and making unwanted hair less noticeable! Smooth from now on! Up to 75% of wasted hair becomes less noticeable after just 4 uses. Usually twice a week for the first 4 weeks, once a week or once every 2 weeks in the 5th-8th weeks. After 8 weeks, it can be used once every two weeks or once a month.
🎀Japanese Manual - 100 ~ 220v

Two irradiation modes
📌Manual mode: Press the activation button and clean the area under the armpits, under the nose, bikini line, etc. once. After one irradiation, leave the skin and repeat the same procedure for the next area.
📌Auto mode: Automatically emits light and slides along the skin for 6 seconds. After 6 seconds, leave the skin and repeat the same procedure for the next area. Applies to large areas such as thighs and arms.

✨Simple operation with the push of a button
1. Remove hair cleanly with a razor.
2. Press the power switch for 2 seconds or longer to turn on the power.
3. Wear protective goggles.
4. Apply the light emitting port at a right angle so that it makes gentle contact with the skin.
5. Press the activation button to irradiate (in the case of automatic mode, you do not need to press the activation button, it irradiates automatically).990,000 flashes & 15 minutes for whole body hair removal

📌990,000 irradiations, it can be used for a long time, about 40% of customers share it with parents, children, friends, and couples.
📌No need to change cartridges, no worries about loss or additional purchases.
📌It can be applied to the skin at 90 degrees, and the whole body can be cleaned in just 15 minutes by emitting light for 0.9 seconds.5-step irradiation level & hair removal in 8 weeks