Electric Eye Wrinkle Remover Pen 2 In 1 (Silver)

Electric Eye Wrinkle Remover Pen 2 In 1 (Silver)

Price: 3,990


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✔Skin care tool device in massaging mode which energizes the skin, restores natural curves and eliminates edema.
✔The the magnetic heat lifting mode has a higher frequency vibration with powerful lifting results and age-reversal effect
✔Both modes of our wrinkle remover will activate fibroblasts, reducing eye melanoma and skin fatigue. Frequent use, aided with
a healthier lifestyle, will give you visible results within the week, and deal with eye circles and wrinkles within a month!
✔It weighs only 47g, making this a portable accessory you can carry in your beauty bag anywhere. Its easy and fast USB
charging feature will help you keep it operational at any place and all times