Anlan Hot Compress Blackheads Vacuum (Black)

Anlan Hot Compress Blackheads Vacuum (Black)

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❤NEWEST 40℃ HOT Compress MODES -- ANLAN blackhead remover integrated hot smart chip, hot compress that allows to open the pores before aspiration, you will have the possibility to use the device anywhere,anytime, no longer needs hot towels.
❤3 REPLACEABLE SUCTION HEADS & 3 LEVELS -- Our blackhead vaccum has 3 suction levels: 53kpa, 58kpa, 63kpa and 3 replaceable suction heads to meet the different skin types. Different probes has different functions, applying to different zones. This configuration help to you easily solve facial problems, like blackhead, acne, coarse pore, rough skin, dark skin, dead skin.
❤ SAFE & EFFECTIVE -- We have done over 1000+ users test before the official sale. No more redness, bruising and Irritation.The pore cleaner electrically utilizes the innovative physics vacuum technology that removes blackhead effectively, especially for stubborn blackheads with strong suction, does not damage your skin, such as masks or metal vacuum cleaners.
❤ LCD DISPLAY & USB CHARGING -- LCD display is used to check the remaining battery level and mode. More advanced than the traditional elimination of blackheads.The USB charging cable is designed to be recharged by connecting the product to a computer, mobile device, or other device.
Big size circular from probe -for strong suction, remove blackheads and whiteheads ,grease ,cosmetic residue etc and mainly used on your T-Zone area or other face area except around the eyes.
Oval probe-for lessen your wrinkle and smooth your fine lines on the corner of eyes and improve the skin vitality.
Small hole head -the suction is less suction compared to big hole head , more suitable for sensitive ,thin skin blackhead less skin.
3 level intensity -you can choose the proper level for your skin ;
low level suction-suitable for sensitive skin,
medium level suction-suitable for blackhead not obvious .
high level suction-suitable for stubborn blackheads .